Shearin Group Realty, Inc.: The Challenges of Investing in Real Estate Development

Not everyone has the capability to invest in real estate development big-time at the start. And by that we mean investing an ample amount of money to purchase or lease a parcel of land and to construct a residential or commercial building for eventual sale, lease or time-sharing purposes.

Yes, it could be a small parcel enough for a two or three-bedroom residential structure or a ten-acre tropical beach lot with cabanas or luxury vacation homes. In short, one either has the capital to complete such a process or has the confidence to take out a loan for such a real estate project. But if you already have the money to do so, so much the better. Willingness to invest and to work with your investment is of primary importance.

This reminds us of an acquaintance who wanted to go into real estate development. He had learned the ropes of business through many transactions in the past as a sideline job; but he was bent on doing it as a full-time endeavour. He sold all his cars and put up an office and even invested in some business clothes to go with his new profession as a real estate broker.

To many, selling your cars and going into real estate business is counterproductive. Yet, his idea was to put his money where his mouth was and was willing to make necessary sacrifices to attain his goals. Having a car was not, in his mind, such a crucial need in visiting or ferrying prospective clients and eventually closing a deal. He figured there were enough means to accomplish those functions without having to own a car in the meantime.

Starting small and low-key with a dedicated work force in real estate is the key to making a successful bid in the business. One of the richest billionaires in Asia started out buying cheap lands and borrowing money to develop low-cost housing projects. Today, he and his family continue to cater to low-income home buyers and at the same time own countless high-end subdivisions in exclusive urban and suburban residential areas.

A few enterprising friends have done well in life just by building a single or a few ordinary apartments on some inherited or acquiredparcels which they rent out on a yearly basis. With rentals rising 10% or so annually, the proceeds of their investments has allowed them to maintain a source of livelihood so that they no longer need a regular paying job.

There you are! Real estate business is not merely for the rich. It can, in fact, make you rich; but you must learn to start small and work yourself up to the top. Shearin Realty, Inc. has gained a name for itself because of the same diligence and sacrifice they put into their work.


Shearin Group Realty, Inc.: Why Do You Need a Broker?

People assume hiring a broker, such as Shearin Realty, Inc. , is unnecessary and redundant – and even expensive! This statement or opinion is very far from the truth. A broker is a professional worker who provides a valuable service that not all people fully understand. In countries where their role is openly accepted and fully appreciated, the processing of transactions goes smoothly and with the least hitches or problems.

So, what are the advantages of hiring a broker? Here are some of the reasons that will help us make up our minds: First of all, many owners and buyers are not fully aware of the legal and technical requirements in selling or buying a property. The broker has all the qualifications to do it for either of them. Unless one is willing to go through the difficult tasks of doing what a broker does, having a broker is the way to go.

Secondly, an owner will try to maximize his or her profit while a buyer will try to minimize the price of the property. A referee who knows the fair market value of a parcel or property can provide the final agreeable price.

Thirdly, having a broker, especially an expert one, will end up benefitting both parties in terms of reduced documentary and related realty costs involved in titling, realty taxes and others as the realtor already has the system and connections to work through these things with ease.

Fourthly, hiring a broker is the best way to advertise one’s plan to sell or buy a property. Because of their connections and facilities, brokers are able to facilitate the sale or acquisition of a property.

And lastly, each of the two parties will reduce the risk of entering into any adverse, problematic or potentially illegal transactions. Brokers know where the loopholes are and will help you avoid them.

Shearin Realty, Inc. clearly knows and understands the game and is ready to play it fair and square for all concerned.




Shearin Group Realty, Inc.: Essential and Superior Services

Ed Shearin, president and broker-in-charge of Shearin Realty Group, has been in the real estate business within the Triangle Area in North Carolina for the past 15 years. His superior knowledge of all aspects of real estate transactions allows him to provide clients not just with the full confidence of attaining the highest benefits they hope to derive from dealing with the company but also the knowledge that they will always have a long-lasting business relationship that they can depend on for years to come. And although it is presumed to be a business relationship, clients can expect to get more out of it than merely doing plain and simple business.

The Shearin Realty Group staff maintains its continuing success in the business by providing and assuring clients professional and amiable service they can rely on to give them positive results. From hunting for a new home to scouting around for development and recreation potentials and looking into commercial and investment properties, Shearin Realty has what it takes to achieve the goals set by the clients for themselves and their families for generations to come.

Experience in the real estate business can only come with actual transactions began and completed to the full satisfaction of all parties involved. The seller or owner of the property wants to make the most profit out of a property while the buyer wants to attain the best property for the least amount of money they hope to spend for it.  Balancing the seemingly conflicting interests of the two is the broker’s difficult but doable task. Owner and buyer may just as well talk it out among themselves, as easily and conveniently without a broker’s presence. But the wise owner, as well as the wise buyer, knows that without a broker’s expert advice, the process may take longer, if not impossible to complete.

Shearin Group Realty makes sure that everyone of its clients will come out of each transaction as a superior winner. Nobody needs to lose in a real estate deal. Making that a reality is the primary goal of Shearin Realty, Inc.